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Cameron Wheeler

Cameron Wheeler
Cameron Wheeler - Resume
I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my ‘job’, such as it is, simply entails doing what I love. More recently, I have become the Senior Lead User Experience Designer at Cisco Systems. I serve as the lead designer of websites & media being displayed across multiple platforms, including Mobile Applications. As a manager, I also work with and mentor designers to produce high scale deliverables across multiple large projects. The team I handpicked has been an integral part of the dynamics at Cisco.

If there is ever a question I get, its 'Why HeyCameron?'
Now you must know the history before you can understand where I got this concept from. Back in 2005, I was a content writer for 'NoGravity.com' a technical design blog where I would post code snippets, and an array of content I had found around the web. I moderated a Questions board, where users would always start the question off as "Hey Cameron". This seemed unique, and since I love teaching new concepts and helping others out, I felt it still encompassed who I am. Therefor 'HeyCameron' will live with me.