Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence

Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence is a corporate venturing program aimed at startups & scale-ups – a hyper-efficient platform to build long-term strategic relationships & business outcomes with Cisco Business Units (BUs).

My role was the Senior Designer & Front-End Developer. I lead and mentored two other designers while working on this product who provided visual and ux design collateral when needed. We were brought onto the team to do a complete over hall of the previous website. The previous website can be viewed here using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. On top of recreating the website from scratch we handled day to day marketing collateral requests and shaped the brand of Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence.

See below the redesigned version of the fully responsive website which I hand coded myself (PHP, HTML, SASS/CSS, Ajax, jQuery/Javascript) along with managing the back end server needs such as ssl certification, Wordpress upgrades, apache patching, ect.

Cisco Support Community Homepage
Cisco Support Community Homepage

I began working on the site in 2014, at that time the site had not been maintained (updated) in over 2 years. This meant we had quite a lot of room to work with since there was so much that needed to be updated on the site. We decided to scrap everything from the original site and start from scratch.

From 2014 to 2016 I lead my design team through multiple iterations of mockups and wireframes, building a cohesive brand along the way. We launched the newly designed website in March of 2016 and continued maintenance and aesthetic updates through 2017. See below a couple of the other pages from the site.

Entrepeneurs in Residence - Portfolio page
Entrepeneurs in Residence - Apply page