The Cisco Support Community

The Cisco Support Community is a website for Cisco product owners to engage, collaborate and co-create with fellow experts on any Cisco technology or solutions in the technical support forums available in six different languages. The site is overly intricate allowing users to participate in live events, join discussions, share videos and so much more.

Cisco Support Community Homepage
Cisco Support Community Homepage

As this site extends to multiple reaches of the world, it also needs to be accessible through many different platforms. The site is fully responsive, and offers a unique experience on Tablet and Mobile Devices. See below some images that help shed light on some interactive elements.

I began working on the site in 2012 when I joined Cisco. At that time the site was being hosted on a content management system (CMS) that didn't offer too much flexibility. This created a lot of headaches for the team who wanted to expand the sites offerings to more than just a simple support website. I began working on mockups for a 'new' version of the site that would innovate the support site and make it stand out from the rest. I had complete freedom (besides working within Cisco Brand Guidelines) to design the best website.

From 2013 to 2016 I helped design and develop many changes to the site, but as web standards and trends continued to move in a different direction I began works on another redesign of the site. The latest set of designs as you can view below is a full featured, multi-language site offering many user customizations.

Cisco Support Community Content Detail Page
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